Low season
High season
Single 75.00 € 80.00 €
Double 90.00 € 140.00 €
Triple 110.00 € 150.00 €
Suite 140.00 € 200.00 €

The prices include bed and breakfast, are approximate and may vary according to specific periods or special promotions.
We practice discounts for groups and longer stays

Unfortunately the Union of mountain municipalities of Mugello had imposed, starting from July 1st 2012, a new tax for the guests of all the Hotels and other accomodations in Mugello. The amount of this new tax for a 3 star Hotel as we are is 1,50 euro per person per night. Kids up to 14yo will not pay this tax.
This tax is not included in our rates and will be charged separately from the rest of the stay at the check-out. After that we will give the money to the Union of mountain municipalities of Mugello. We are very sorry for this new tax but it is not our fault.

See rules for exemptions and reductions